Who We Are

Board members of AANM

President: Sara Ohgushi, ND

Vice President: Morgan Martin, ND, LM

Treasurer: Jill Edward, ND

Secretary: Sara Thyr, ND

Board member: Sara Featherstone, ND

Board member: Doni Wilson, ND


Naturopathic midwives receive a doctoral degree from a four- year accredited naturopathic medical school (NCNM, Bastyr).  Additionally they complete didactic specialty training, as well as a preceptorship under a licensed naturopathic midwife, in the treatment and management of pregnancy and natural childbirth.  This combination of academics and hands-on experience prepares us to be the most extensively trained experts in natural medicine for the child-bearing years.  Licensed naturopathic midwives pass nationally standardized board exams before gaining licensure in the states where they practice.

AANM meets via conference calls once per month to continue the development and promotion of the organization and profession.  For membership information, click here.