Vision and Mission

Mission Statement

AANM is an organization that exists to unify, support, safeguard, build and educate the current and future community of naturopathic midwives.  It is our intention to communicate the unique advantages of naturopathic midwifery to the general public as well as to our elected officials.

Purpose of Organization

An organization that exists to organize naturopathic doctors who specialize in midwifery.
An organization that promotes midwifery in the professional realm while making sure that naturopathic midwives maintain their status in the states they are licensed in.

A vital and exciting organization that organizes naturopathic midwives in a successful and directed way by providing licensing standards, researching statistics pertinent to the profession and providing support materials for legislators, students and naturopaths.

An organization that exists to differentiate naturopathic midwives from other midwives as well as to educate themselves (new and old practitioners), provide a strong foundation for students, encourages and promotes enrollment naturopathic midwife training, provides a handbook for naturopaths and focuses on getting published in journals.

An organization that focuses on internal and external education, that builds a support system for fellow naturopathic midwives, that provides support materials for the public, the legislators and practicing naturopathic midwives, that also provides a consensus of care for practitioners and finally that gives a legal presence for naturopathic midwives.
An organization that focuses on continuing education for practicing naturopathic midwives as well as education for potential professors, students, influential legislators and the general public.  An organization that also provides a network for practicing naturopathic midwives that includes peer reviews, CEUs and outreach and education.