Conference Archive

2016 Topics

  • The Impact of Tongue Tie and Lip Tie on Breastfeeding – Bobak Ghaheri, MD
  • Infant Feeding Issues:  A Structural and Biomechanical Perspective – Michelle Gerbi, DC
  • Optimizing Fetal Presentation – Regina Flanagan ND
  • The Pharmacological Treatment of Common Perinatal Anxiety and Depressive Disorders  – Adria Goodness, CNM, PMHNP
    • Part 1:  “Informed Consent, Pharmacology, & Ethics”
    • Part 2:  “Antidepressant Safety For Pregnant & Breastfeeding Women”
  • The Naturopathic Treatment of Perinatal Mood Disorders  – Amanda Roe, ND

2015 Topics

  • The Naturopathic Management of Thrush – Jill Edwards, ND
  • More Milk for Babies – Dixie Whetsell, MS, IBCLC
  • Clinical Pearls and Cases – Mary Grabowska, ND, LAc, LM
  • Postpartum Cesarean Healing – Lara Williams, MD, FACOG

2014 Topics

  • The Ethics of Prenatal Testing – Erica Peirson ND
  • Assessing for Critical Heart Disease in Newborns – John Evered
  • The Clinical Management of Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy – Jennifer Gibbons ND
  • Newborn Hearing Screening: The Standard of Care with a panel of speakers including Shelby Atwill, AuD