The American College of Naturopathic Obstetrics (ACNO) is an organization of naturopathic midwives that provides a credentialing exam for naturopaths certified in natural childbirth.

If you are a naturopathic medical student finishing your midwifery training, and are interested in taking the ACNO exam, please contact Madeleine Portuondo, ND.

The exam is administered each year during the second week of October.  Applications are due by October 3, 2017.

Date and time of the next exam:  October 10, 2017

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Place: Oregon State Building
800 NE Oregon St. Room 445
Portland, Oregon 97232

Cost: $150

Requirements to sit for the exam:

  • Photocopy of ND diploma or proof of enrollment in naturopathic medicine program
  • 100 academic hours of midwifery education (didactic) at an accredited naturopathic program.
  • Proof of attendance at 15 births.

Management of a greater number of births is required for completion of midwifery certificate programs at the naturopathic medical schools, as well as licensing in most states. The range is 40-100.

Board of Directors

ACNO is the credentialing sister organization to the membership and professional support organization, AANM.

President:  Vanessa Lyons ND
Vice-President:  Kat Walker ND
Secretary:  Evelyn Buscher ND
Treasurer:  Carolyn Nygaard ND
Board Members:  Karen DeWitt ND, Jennifer Gibbons ND, Amanda Roe ND