What is a Naturopathic Midwife?


Naturopathic midwives are the most extensively trained natural childbirth providers available to you and your family. Naturopathic midwives are trained to provide you with safe and effective midwifery care and their background as licensed naturopathic doctors broadens the scope of care you will experience from pregnancy and birth to full family natural health care. From preconception and infertility counseling through newborn and pediatric care, ongoing well woman and menopause concerns, naturopathic midwives are healthcare providers for all seasons of your family’s health care needs.

What is the AANM?

The American Association of Naturopathic Midwives (AANM) is a professional organization for naturopathic midwives. AANM exists to educate the public about naturopathic midwifery and to provide clinical support, continuing education, licensing standards and mentoring programs for its members.